Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back

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Making A South Philadelphia Christmas Wish

Our 2nd annual toy drive had 30 families nominated. We are very happy to say that ALL 30 families have been adopted and will have a Happy Holiday thanks to all of your donations and help

It has been brought to our attention there is a 31st family in need here in South Philadelphia. This family has a challenge that no parent should endure. They have 4 children, ages 17, 10, 9 and 8. The 10 and 8 year old are siblings the other 2 are cousins that have been adopted due their parents passing away. This family's challenge became more difficult when their 10 year old daughter Lexi was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoblastic lymphoma 19 weeks ago. The cancer has metastasized to her brain, liver and kidneys.  She is currently a patient at CHOP. To boot her dad had to recently retire from the Philadelphia Police Department due to an injury. As a result they are going through a difficult financial struggle.  The family has escalating medical bills, which is creating difficulty for them to pay their utility, mortgage, and other bills. They can't even go food shopping because they don't have the money or time to do so, due to being at the hospital around the clock. The other children have been great through this. Their Christmas wish lists are being fulfilled thanks to great people in the community.

Lexi's Christmas wish is to be home for the holiday. This wish will probably not come to be able to come true. She also wants to meet wonder woman and to go to Disney with her family which hopefully make a wish will provide. 

We are currently accepting gift cards to South Philly area supermarkets and monetary donations to assist the family.  To donate funds please go to our Go Fund Me page. 
To donate gift cards please send us a message, email or call Sam at 267-441-6010.

About Us

TOSPSB was created by a South Philly mother on August 4th, 2013 after her 11 year old son was a victim of a crime.  Carol Lanni had enough of watching her family, friends, and neighbors becoming victims.  She knew that Philadelphia Police were out there doing what they could to fight crime, but perhaps there was more that she could do.  That is when she created the "Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back" Facebook page.  Her goal was to heighten awareness of what was happening in our neighborhoods, and to educate our kids on how to stay safe.  “We don’t want to put people in harm’s way or be vigilantes,” said Lanni in an interview with South Philly Magazine.  “We just want people, especially kids, to wake up. You’ll never hear me say I have all the answers,” Lanni added. “What I do know is our kids, both those involved in nonsense and those not, are vulnerable. My son had nothing physical happen to him, but what about next time?”  After creating the page Lanni hit the streets and the media to get the word out.  Soon she was doing interviews with NBC10, CBS3, and KYW Radio.  To this day Lanni has not stopped doing all that she could to make all of South Philadelphia safer.  As a result she has enlisted the help of volunteer administrators for the Facebook page and Twitter account, and has earned the support of several civic associations, many city officials, and the Philadelphia Police. 

Our Mission

The TOSPSB group was created to provide communication with residents, businesses and local authorities, to share resources, and to discuss important South Philadelphia issues. We focus our attention on our home of South Philadelphia, but all are welcomed to join.

Code Of Conduct

  1. No profanity. If it can’t be said on local television or public radio, it won’t be permitted in this group. Comments with profanity are automatically filtered by Facebook and will be deleted without notice.
  2. No racial, religious, or sexually inappropriate comments.
  3. No soliciting for any type of business. Exception: Announcements that will benefit the community such as fundraisers, educational workshops, festivals and family-friendly activities are always welcome. Sponsors of TOSPSB are also exempt from this rule.
  4. No buying and/or selling of items.
  5. Be respectful. Don’t post anything you would not say to a person’s face, or would not want to be read out loud in a court room. This is an open group and what you post online is discoverable, which can and often will be used against you. Consider your impact on others when making your contribution. No libelous or abusive comments.
  6. Keep your comment relevant and productive. We know that some conversations can be wide-ranging, but comments that are unrelated to the topic being discussed may be deleted.
  7. Discussion and/or solicitation that are political or religious in nature are not permitted.
  8. No bashing of EMS, Fire, Military, Police, or TOSPSB personnel. 

Members violating the rules may be banned from the group.

Political correctness is preferred but is not required. We all have the right to free speech and the right to be offended by what is spoken. However no one has the right to intimidate, harass, or threaten another member.

We want this to be a welcoming space for intelligent discussion. The Facebook and Twitter accounts are not monitored 24/7 due to administrators having full time jobs, families, and social lives. As a result we ask that members help the group by notifying us of potential problems and helping each other to keep conversations appropriate. If you spot something problematic on the Facebook page or Twitter feed, please report it. When we all take responsibility for maintaining an appropriate and constructive environment, everyone benefits.

Broadcastify Live Radio Feeds

More than 3,000 live audio streams are available to listen to at Broadcastify, with feeds from public safety, aircraft, rail, and marine live audio streams. Listening to streams is free with ads. A premium membership gives you ad free listening plus other benefits. Feeds are available on line and on several smartphone apps.

Becoming a TOSPSB Radio Monitor

If you can easily understand Philadelphia Fire Department and Philadelphia Police Department radio lingo, and you would like to help stay South Philly informed about active events, please email us at info@tospsb.com. This is a voluntary position, you may make your own schedule, and it may be done from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Contacting Us

We strive to do what we can to improve all of our South Philly neighborhoods, however this can't be done without input from our fellow neighbors.  If there is an issue you would like help with but you don't want to go public with your personal information, please send us a message.  If you have information that you think would be helpful to your fellow neighbors please post that information on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet.  Your voice alone may not be heard over the roar of a crowd, but when your voice is joined with the voices of your neighbors ... your voice becomes the crowd.  

Email: info@tospsb.com

Facebook: Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back

Instagram: TOSPSB

Twitter: @TOSPSB

YouTube: TakingOurSouth PhiladelphiaStreetsBack

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