Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back

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Philadelphia Resources

Philadelphia Police Department

1st District

  • 2301 S 24th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145
  • (215) 686-3010
  • Dates, times, and locations of district community meetings are on their website
  • 1300 S 11th Street # 1, Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • (215) 686-3030
  • Dates, times, and locations of district community meetings are on their website
  • South Street Mini Station: 905 South St  Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • (215) 922-6706
  • 1201 S 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146
  • (215) 686-3170
  • Dates, times, and locations of district community meetings are on their website

Commanding Officer of ROC South

Chief Inspector Dennis Wilson

Aviation Unit (TacAir)

Lieutenant Dave Bonk

South Detectives
  • 2301 S 24th Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19145
  • (215) 686-3013 or (215) 686-3014

  • Office of School Safety, 440 N. Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Portal "D" Suite 224, Philadelphia, PA 19130 
  • Phone: 215-400-4710
  • Fax: 215-400-4711
  • Email: oscs@philasd.org
  • All emergency calls after normal business hours should be made to 215-400-SAFE (7233).

The mission of the Public Nuisance Task Force (PNTF) Unit has been to assist Philadelphia residents and community groups combat drug and alcohol-related nuisance problems in their neighborhoods. Part of the District Attorney's Office Special Operations Division, PNTF actively engages citizens, the police, government agencies and community groups in an effort to abate or close drug houses, weed (marijuana) stores, nuisance bars and houses of prostitution. By working together, these public nuisances are alleviated and a community can live in peace.

Narcotics Strike Force
  • Phone: 215-686-DRUG (3784)
  • Call the Narcotics Strike Force if the suspected dealing is going on outside (street corner, alley way, driveway, etc) at 215-685-1107 or 215-685-1108. If the suspected deals are being done indoors, call 215-685-1000. Try to have as much information (exact locations, phone numbers, license plate numbers, names, descriptions, etc) ready to go when you call.

Narcotics Tip Data Sheet
If you observe regular narcotics activity near your home, please complete this form (with as much information as you know) and email it to Philadelphia Police. Please remember to maintain a safe distance when collecting the requested information. 

Used Needle Disposal
If you find dirty needles on near your home or business please call 215-685-7342 to have them collected and safely disposed. If they are found in a secured alley, please provide your contact information so that the emergency response team can access the alley. 

The Philadelphia Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center (R.T.C.C.) is an innovative step for policing in Philadelphia, is designed to provide real time analytical and investigative support, operations and watch centers and deconfliction point for our department. The R.T.C.C. is also the central repository for all the tips received by the PPD.  Officers are able to monitor over 1,800 video feeds including 125 City of Philadelphia cameras, 1,628 SEPTA cameras, 32 airport cameras and 12 Streets Department cameras.

If you would like to recognize an Officer who has performed his/her duties in a manner that you think is exceptional and reflects favorably upon the Officer and the Department, then we encourage you to take a moment and tell them about it.

This department processes private citizen's complaints when a crime is alleged without a police arrest. A vast majority of private criminal complaints involve disputes between family members or neighbors. Common misdemeanor cases involve simple assault, terroristic threats, bad checks and theft by deception. Individuals must file the complaint with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office located on the 6th floor of 34 S. 11th Street. Cases are listed before a trial commissioner in the The Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice where many are referred to the Dispute Resolution Unit for Arbitration. Cases that are not resolved at the Private Criminal Complaint level will be given a Municipal Court Criminal Division number and have a hearing before a Municipal Court Judge.
  • 1425 Arch St. Philadelphia, Pa 19102
  • (215) 683-7277 

  • Telephone: Dial (215) 686-TIPS (8477)
  • Text: PPDTIP (773847)

You may also email in tips at communityprograms@iwatchphiladelphia.com.
If your tip requires immediate attention, please call 911. 
If you see something, say something.

Search for Megan's Law offenders near your home and school.  You may also stay updated about offenders near you with email notifications.

Get a snapshot of crime in Philadelphia around an address or intersection. This is basic information for preliminary Part I incidents reported to the police. It is not intended to be an official statistical measure of crime in any part of the city.

This application allows you to draw an area and view the Part 1 (serious) crimes in that region over the last three years.  They also have a smartphone version.

A free 8 week course designed to help those who serve in a leadership role in their neighborhoods, or have an interest in becoming active, learn more about local government and gain ideas to make their neighborhoods stronger.
If interested contact Amanda Finch at 215-686-3684 or Amanda.finch@phila.gov. 

Registering your security camera not only helps deter crime, but assists the Police Department in its overall crime prevention strategy in your neighborhood.
Protect yourself, your family and your community by registering with SafeCam.

TWIS community support staff provide technical services to facilitate in building a better network of community partners which empowers them to participate in the process of creating a desirable quality of life. The primary goal of all TWIS activities is to create safer and more supportive environments.
To become a Town Watch member please contact Nick Schmanek at 215-685-4521 or nick.schmanek@phila.gov.

Carrying your firearm in an "open" manner or in plain view is illegal in the City Of Philadelphia (Philadelphia Code 10-818).  As a result if you are a lawful gun owner you must have a Pennsylvania License To Carry permit to be outside of your home with your firearm.  It must still remain concealed when you are out and about.

ReadyNotifyPA helps officials send emergency text alerts and other important notifications to you quickly. Alerts can be sent to your cell phone, pager, BlackBerry, PDA and/or E-mail account.

Twelve easy steps which may help you and your neighbors improve your neighborhood. 

Philadelphia & Pennsylvania Laws

Victim/Witness Services

Victim/Witness Services of South Philadelphia offers direct assistance and support to crime victims, witnesses, and their families in the three Police Districts of South Philadelphia. All services are free of charge.

1426 South 12th Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19147

Phone: 215-551-3360

Facebook: VictimServices SouthPhiladelphia

Website: http://www.vwssp.org

Philadelphia Courts

The First Judicial District (FJD) of Pennsylvania is composed of two courts which make up the Philadelphia County Court System: the Court of Common Pleas; and Municipal Court. Go to the Philadelphia Courts site for assistance on paying traffic citations, search public court records, and for information about jury duty.  

Philadelphia Parking Authority

Main Office

  • 701 Market Street, Suite 5400, Philadelphia, PA 19106 
  • Main: (215) 683-9600

Animal Care & Control Team (ACCT)

Main Office

  • 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa 19140
  • Hours: 8am - 10pm daily
  • Main: (267) 385-3800
  • Fax: (215) 261-6092  
  • Email: info@acctphilly.org

Pennsylvania SPCA

Philadelphia Fire Department
Call 911 for all EMS and Fire emergencies. 

Main Office

  • 350 E. Erie Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19134
  • (215) 426-6300

Fire Administration Building

  • 240 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19123
  • (215) 686-1300

South Philadelphia Fire Unit Locations
  • 200-10 Washington Avenue - Engine 3
  • 1357 South 12th Street - Engine 10 & Ladder 11
  • 1200 S. 20th Street - Engine 24
  • 3023-45 Grays Ferry Avenue - Engine 47
  • 2600 S. 13th Street - Engine 49
  • 414-16 Snyder Avenue - Engine 53 & Ladder 27
  • 2301 S. 24th Street - Engine 60 & Ladder 19
  • Delaware and Washington Avenues - Marine Unit 1
  • Passyunk Avenue and Schuylkill River - Marine Unit 2

South Philadelphia Medic Unit Locations

  • 1357 S. 12th Street - 27
  • 1200 S. 20th Street - 14B
  • 3023-45 Grays Ferry Avenue - 40
  • 2600 S. 13th Street - 11
  • 2301 S. 24th Street - 37 
  • 414-16 Snyder Avenue - 43B

Philadelphia License & Inspection

Main Office

  • 1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard, 16th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • (215) 686-1776

American Red Cross - Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

Main Office

  • 2221 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19103
  • (215) 299-4822
  • To reach emergency operations center, staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, dial (215) 299-4889.

Philly 311
Call 311 to access all Municipal information and City requests.

Main Office

  • 167 City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa 19107
  • 311 or (215) 686-8686
  • Open M-F 8am - 8pm & Sat 9am - 5pm
  • During off hours call 911 to report dangerous conditions
  • Download The Philly 311 Mobile App to report damaged or not working city property, dangerous conditions, potholes, and graffiti. You can also check a property's License & Inspection history, get the latest city news, and see other active 311 request throughout the city.
  • Volunteer as a Neighborhood Liaison and really help get things done. Training dates are listed on the site and only take 1 hour.

Anti-Graffiti Agencies

If you see Graffiti on the following locations in your neighborhood, call these numbers to have it removed:

  • Homes and Businesses 3-1-1
  • Street Signs and Traffic Signals 3-1-1
  • Public Schools 215-400-6434
  • News Stands 610-800-6455
  • Newspaper Boxes 610-292-6312
  • Mailboxes 215-895-8610
  • SEPTA Bridges 215-580-7800
  • PGW Property 215-684-6288
  • PECO Property 800-494-4000 Press 0
  • Municipal Buildings 3-1-1
  • Center City District 215-440-5500


Main Office

  • 1234 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19107
  • (215) 580-7800

Twitter is just one of the convenient tools available to customers to check the status of service on the SEPTA system. They are now offering enhanced access to real time information with the option to customize your SEPTA Twitter feeds.

Philadelphia Streets Department

Main Office

  • 1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 730, Philadelphia, Pa 19102
  • (215) 686-5560
  • Sanitation, recycling, and transportation 

Penn DOT

Main Office

  • Blaine St. and Ruffner St., Philadelphia, Pa 19140
  • (215) 225-1415
  • Penn DOT District 6 Live Traffic Cameras


If you have an electrical emergency, please call PECO immediately. 
Representatives are available 24-hours a day to handle your emergency request.

Philadelphia Gas Works


  • 1515 Arch Street, 9th Floor, Philadelphia, Pa 19102-1595
  • 215-683-0900

Philadelphia Water Department

Main Office

  • ARAMark Tower - 5th Floor, 1101 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19107-2994
  • 215-685-6300
  • If the sewer inlets in your neighborhood become clogged with leaves and debris please call 215-685-6500 to report the problem.

Philadelphia School District

Main Office

  • 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130
  • (215) 400-4000

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

Main Office

  • (215) 686-1776

Project HOME

Main Office

  • 1515 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa 19130
  • (215) 232-7272

If you see a person on the street in need of support, please call their Homeless Outreach Hotline at (215) 232-1984 or toll free (877) 222-1984.

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